Hi. I’m Liz of Little Dipper Wellness LLC.  

If you’ve made it this far, I’m pretty sure that I can relate to how you’re feeling right now: full of gratitude, but also overwhelmed and exhausted. With that in mind, I’ve created two versions of my story. 

Version 1, if you want my stats but are too tired to read more than a few sentences:

Liz Harden, MPH. Mother of two. 

Health educator and health enthusiast. Sleep coach. Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor.

Founder of Little Dipper Wellness LLC. Ready to help you get the sleep you need to be well, and well-rested. 

Version 2, if you’ve got a bit more time . . . or are so tired that you’ve given up on efficiency:

Sleep is as important to me as water and air. Whether or not I get enough is directly related to my happiness and ability to function in this world. I’m not the only one who feels that way: research shows that quality sleep is a fundamental component of healthy and happy living. That’s why I founded Little Dipper Wellness LLC: to help parents - and their little ones - find the rest they need to thrive.

I’ve been a sleep enthusiast forever. I love sleep. I crave sleep. I NEED sleep. And when I had my first baby in 2011, I became entirely obsessed with sleep -- both the baby’s and mine. I never got enough. Ever. I dreamt of some kind of sleep bank, where I could save up my lost hours and cash it in when I got to that I’m-so-tired-I’m-gonna-keel-over state. Since my dream didn’t exist, I went for Plan B: find and read every sleep book and blog know to humankind. 

Unfortunately, that didn’t solve my problems. I was so cross-eyed from exhaustion that I’d read a few chapters, or another blog post, but end up too spent to make any decisions based on what I’d learned. Or I’d fall asleep reading. Eventually, I sought the expertise of a sleep coach to help me pull me out of the internet rabbit hole and make some intentional, lasting changes. 

That decision changed my life. No exaggeration. With some professional and compassionate guidance, my baby started sleeping through the night and even napping! Who knew this was possible?! With new excitement and inspiration to be forever-well-rested, combined with my Master’s training as a health educator, I found myself uniquely poised to launch a new career path in sleep coaching. I knew I could teach other parents what I’d learned, saving them great time, energy, and mental strife in doing so. 

7 years later, here I am: a pediatric and family sleep & wellness coach and mother of two children who sleep well, but not because they came by it naturally (well, at least one of them didn’t come by it naturally!).

I’m happy and grateful to have found my calling in helping expecting parents and families adjust to their own child’s arrival -- and discover more energy, rest, and joy as everyone grows together

My goal is to help bring quality rest and integrated well-being into your busy home.

I thank you for listening to my story, and I’d love to hear yours.

In rest and wellness, 

Liz Harden, MPH

Sleep coach, Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor, Well-rested Parent of two 

Founder of Little Dipper Wellness LLC