Sometimes, you just need to hear it from someone who's been in your shoes. Read below for some kind words from some of my past clients!


From my yoga clients: 

Liz is a marvel. Her personality is perfect for the work that she does as a kids’ yoga teacher - she has a calm presence combined with a mischievous sparkle that make every class an adventure. Whether children are traveling to the beach, going on safari, or pretending to be world class olympians, they are always exposed to yoga in a way that is playful, engaging, and thoughtful. Her classes are both carefully planned and attuned to the individual needs of the children in attendance. As a fellow yoga teacher, I am amazed at Liz’s unique ability to make yoga accessible and fun for kids.
— Lauren
Hugely recommending Loving Kindness Yoga School’s donation-based little kids’ yoga on Sundays at 3 in Carrboro. We went for the first time today, and Liz Harden blew me away with her preparedness and patience. She had props and a storyline ready to keep my four-year-olds engaged and didn’t bat an eye when one of them kept running around the room (the other one totally got into it). Big thumbs up!
— Kristen
As my daughter says, ‘that teacher is awesome!’ Liz’s creative and calm yoga class for kids managed to keep both my 3-year-old and 6-year-old engaged and happy. She incorporates fun, interactive games for the kids with actual yoga poses and breathing, so kids learn about yoga and adults are able to enjoy it, too. I highly recommend her classes!
— Colleen

From my sleep consulting clients: 

Thank goodness for Liz. Figuring out sleep is a challenge that many parents will face and, just as in all of parenting, there is no “one size fits all” approach. Liz recognizes that, and has a seemingly endless array of ways to help everyone in the family become more fully rested and happy. Her innate ability to connect with people and her comforting and empowering demeanor make her a joy to work with, and my wife and I so appreciated both the encouragement and practical advice that she offered to both of us along our journey. She’s adept at handling children’s specific needs, and skillful at negotiating the sometimes delicate dance of parental comfort and ultimate sleep goals. Both my son and daughter are wonderful sleepers, thanks in no small part to Liz’s guidance and support.
— Roy
By the time my second baby was born, I thought I could’ve been a sleep consultant myself. I had read all the books and thought I was doing everything right. But when my second was having the same 4am wake up as the first, I knew I needed a professional. Liz was just what we needed. She helped us just make a few small tweaks that helped tremendously. It was so good to have someone to talk to who really understands infant sleep. She worked with what we felt we could do as parents and was so understanding and patient. Now everyone is much happier and getting the rest we all need!
— Christa
The first time my daughter slept through the night, I wrote Liz a very excited email and even cried at how much she had helped me. There is no way we could have done it without her, and I am immensely grateful. Now, we are working on naps, which has been tougher - but Liz has continued to be amazingly helpful. If you are having trouble with your baby’s sleep, seriously consider working with Liz. She is extremely knowledgeable, has many different techniques she can go over with you and is very respectful of how you would like to approach it. Most of all, Liz will provide you with a source of support that will really help to make the outcomes of sleep coaching successful.
— Anna