If the idea of sleep coaching or kids' yoga is new to you, you'll likely have quite a few questions. Explore below to find answers to some of the most common inquiries about my services. If you have more specific questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me!


Sleep Coaching FAQ

Should I hire a sleep coach?

Are you missing out on sleep because your child is, too? Do you find yourself half-heartedly trying different sleep training methods, unable to find anything that works for your baby, or having trouble sticking to one approach for more than a few days? Do you feel paralyzed by indecision (and/or too loopy from lack of rest to even evaluate the problem)?

If you nodded your head to any of those questions, the answer is “yes.” Consider it one of the soundest investments you can make in your family’s well-being.

Parsing through the conflicting sleep advice out there is hard enough after a full night of sleep, let alone when you feel like a walking zombie. As a sleep coach, I’ll offer objective, compassionate, experienced advice to help you cut through the information clutter and find relief. I’ll keep you motivated through the ups and downs of the process, guiding you to the right approach and helping you stick with it. I’ll offer answers to all of your questions along the way. Together, we’ll make a good night’s sleep the new normal for your family.  

Won’t my child grow out of these sleep problems?

Maybe. It’s always possible, but some kids don’t get past their sleep issues until they’re 5 or 6 years old. I believe that sleep coaching helps you lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy sleep habits. With that in mind, it’s wise to give the gift of sleep to your child (and yourself!) sooner rather than later.

How long does sleep training take?

Sleep training typically starts yielding permanent, positive changes within 1-2 weeks. Some families’ timelines can vary, depending on your baby’s temperament and the method that works best for you.

Consistency is the key. When a child’s parent or caregiver is diligent with the process, results come more quickly and last longer. My role is to help you lay out a sleep training plan to which you can commit, and to help you stay committed throughout the experience - whether it takes 3 days or 30.

Are you just going tell me to let my baby ‘cry it out’?

Absolutely not. As a trained and experienced sleep coach, I’ve seen a variety of sleep training methods work like a charm - some with very little crying, some with a lot. Again, the most important factor is consistency, so your ability and willingness to commit to a plan is the #1 consideration. My role is to help you choose a path forward and begin walking, cheering you on along the way.

Will sleep training harm my baby or our relationship?

I try my best to stay out of polarizing parental debates. I truly believe that the vast majority of parents do what’s best for their children and families; no one knows your child like you do. In fact, one of my favorite parenting mantras is “I am the best parent for my child. And my child is perfect for me.” There are some who loudly declare that sleep training is harmful to kids, and I believe that their chastising causes unnecessary grief and guilt in the lives of many kind, tired parents. There is no science to back up their claims. Part of my role is to help you feel good about your decision to help your child sleep, and I’ve got the pertinent data to back up my claims if you’re into that kind of thing. :)

I want to continue breastfeeding. Can I sleep train?

Yes! If you’re breastfeeding and want to keep at it, go for it. Switching to formula will not help your baby’s sleep issues, and it’s totally possible to breastfeed and sleep train at the same time - I’ve done it twice and have helped hundreds of moms do the same. Of course, if you choose to formula feed, that’s absolutely fine as well. I support whatever makes you and your baby happy and healthy.

What does sleep coaching with Little Dipper usually look like? What if I am not local?

Because I offer virtual sleep coaching, I can work with anyone in the world. Sleep coaching can occur by phone, email, Skype, in person, or via text. If you want in-person services, I will travel up to 20 miles from the ZIP code 27510. (I will make exceptions to this rule when my personal life allows me to do so!)

No matter where you are, we’ll create a customized sleep coaching program to best meet your needs. After you purchase a sleep coaching package, I will provide you with an intake form so that I can learn more about your family’s sleep history and goals in sleep training; this is crucial to helping me understand your parenting style and unique family situation. From there, I’ll develop a tailored plan for you. Once you’ve had time to digest it, we’ll have a follow-up conversation in order to make sure that you understand every step of the process. As your coach, I’ll be here to help you stay the course, addressing every question along the way. (I also offer cheerleading, empathy, high-fives, or literal shoulders to cry on.) The amount of follow-up coaching you receive will depend on the package that works best for you.

Yoga FAQ

Can yoga help my baby/child sleep better?

Yoga can help adults relax and release tension, and thus sleep better. That goes for kids, too. Practicing yoga with your baby also creates valuable bonding time that, as part of a daily sleep routine, can help create feelings of security and attachment in your baby. This can help her calm down and drift off more naturally. Baby yoga can also help minimize gas and fussiness, promote healthy motor development, and strengthen your bond with her.

My child never sits still. How can he possibly do yoga?  

First off, kids’ yoga looks quite different from most adult yoga classes. Wiggly worms and busy bees are welcome! Little Dipper Kids’ Yoga varies the pace and energy level of each class, so that participants of all stripes stay engaged. The mindfulness component of each class will also improve your child’s ability to sit still and focus; developing concentration skills is important for all little ones, but can be especially transformative for those with extra energy.

What should we bring to Mommy & Baby Yoga?

Come as you are (so long as you and your baby are in comfortable clothing)! If you have a yoga mat, please bring one, but all of the studios where I teach have loaner mats. If you’d like, bring an extra blanket for your baby so that she has a soft place to hang out.

What should we bring to Kids’ or Family Yoga?

If you have a yoga mat, please bring one, but all of the studios where I teach have loaner mats. Please ensure that everyone is in comfortable clothing, and bring a water bottle so your child will stay hydrated.

Can I bring my fussy/crying baby to Mommy & Baby Yoga?

Yes, please! It’s likely that one of our poses will be just what your baby needs to help him calm down. Also, the positive bonding time will be beneficial to you both. If your child remains fussy throughout the class, don’t worry - you’ll be in a space of understanding and patience, as all of the other caregivers will know just how you feel (maybe even at that exact moment). I’m also happy to hold your fussy little one so that you can have a moment to focus on yourself for a change!

Can you come to me?

Yes! I can definitely bring yoga to you (as long as you’re within 20 miles of ZIP code 27510). I’d love to work one-on-one with you to ensure that you, your body, and your family are getting exactly the yoga practice that you need. I can come to your home for pre- and post-natal yoga, mommy & baby/toddler yoga, kids’ yoga, family yoga, or just regular ol’ yoga! I also have studio space available if you’d prefer a private studio class. (Small group options are also available if you’d like to get together with a few friends or community members.) Please contact me and let me know what you're looking for!