Prenatal Sleep

While most people expect sleep to be disrupted after their baby arrives, there isn’t a lot of talk about how to prepare for or even prevent this exhaustion from ever happening. Creating healthy sleep habits now, and developing a solid foundation for a well-rested household will benefit the entire family, including your sweet little baby-to-be. At Little Dipper Wellness LLC, we take preventive measures to address your sleep challenges as early as possible during pregnancy (don’t worry if your due date is next week, it’s not too late!), rather than waiting until everyone is sleep deprived at four months post-partum and about to lose it. Most sleep coaches step in when families are desperate and willing to do anything to get their baby to sleep. I will help you avoid this ugliness and discover the beauty of a well-rested family. 

By avoiding sleep deprivation and the desperation that often ensues, you can spend the first few months of your baby’s life bonding and enjoying your new life together, rather than hanging on by a thread and dreading the infamous “sleep training.”


Sadly, many people think pre-natal exhaustion “just comes with the territory” or “is the universe’s way of preparing you for the demands of a newborn.” Whether the sleeplessness is due to hormonal changes, nausea or other physical discomforts (including those frequent trips to the bathroom!), anxiety or challenging emotions, or a combination of all of the above, it doesn’t have to be this way. With support and education, you can find strategies for improving your sleep and overall well-being, both now and after your baby arrives.